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Spokane’s Aging & Disabilities Helpline

Community Living Connections Helpline Services

assistance-assisted-care-caregiver-elderly-nurse-homecare-seniorWe offer referrals and information for older adults or people with disabilities needing:

  • Housing – Application information and assistance for low income housing as well as listings for senior housing and assisted living facilities.
  • In-home Care and Personal Assistance – Assistance identifying and accessing programs that help individuals continue living independently in their own homes (also known as receiving help at home, outside of an assisted-living facility). This can include finding programs to assist with meal preparation, bathing, dressing, household tasks, or other usual activities of daily life.
  • Transportation – Programs that specialize in providing public as well as individualized transportation options. These include local free or low cost programs that will assist people in getting to medical appointments.
  • Caregiver Support or Relief – For those who provide non-paid caregiver services to a family member or friend, these programs provide resources and support for caregivers who are having difficulty balancing those duties with other facets of life.
  • Assistive Living – Assistance looking at individual’s eligibility for assistive living as well as providing resources to identify assistive living locations and opportunities.
  • Prepared Meals or Food Assistance – Help in access to Meals on Wheels, food banks, food assistance, and other local food and meal programs.
  • Health Insurance – Resources to assist people in the application process for Medicaid
  • Mental Health – Referral to local mental health organizations based on eligibility.
  • Long Term Care – Assistance in the application process for long term care services with the State of Washington as well as information related to local facilities where those services are available.
  • Assistive Devices – Information for local options for locating assistive devices, including referral to programs that provide free or low cost services such as lending or rental programs.
  • Legal Support and Advocacy – This includes referrals to free or low cost legal services including those who specialize in elder law and a variety of ombudsman programs.
  • Options Counseling – A person-centered process where individuals, family members and/or significant others are supported to develop a plan for addressing long term services and supports needs that aligns with their preferences, strengths, values, and needs.
Contact Information:
(509) 960-7281 CLCinformation@community-minded.org
222 W Mission Ave., Suite 120
Spokane, WA 99201
Spokane's Aging & Disabilities Helpline
Spokane's Aging & Disabilities Helpline